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Sikhism - The Game of Love
(Amar Mann Copyright)

Everyone must have experienced in their life a strong yearning of the soul to unite with its source. As if it is trying to flee with its young feathers. For the some it may be after an accident, loss of someone or something and for others even after an event of happiness. As if it is inborn in our souls.
     I can be fooled by mirage,
     But I know oasis is there.
But still we act clueless sometimes about our mission and our soul's ambition. The Guru Nanak, the first prophet of the Sikh religion puts concisely and simply the way to a spiritual growth. The Sikh religion is the fifth largest religion of the world, its history dates back to 500 years ago, which believes in fatherhood/motherhood of God and brotherhood/sisterhood of all humanity. The God is viewed as gender free, underlying matrix and within each and everything not someone up in heaven. The three basic tenets put forth by him are:

1. Truthful Living 'Kirat Karni' earn by honest means. And he said, "Truth is the highest virtue but higher still is truthful living." The truthful living includes our day to day actions and provides us ground to implement our virtues like compassion, humility, honesty etc. By living life truthfully it leaves our souls in eternal bliss without being tormented or tortured. I see this the basis of the strongest foundation for the spiritual life on which one can build further.

2. Selfless Service 'Vand Chhakana' to earn honestly and share with others. That can be achieved only by selfless service. The selfless service is also the strongest tool to get rid of the ego. You will be helping others but still someone can kick you or be rude to you. How can you overcome that? Only if you would get rid of your ego. In the Sikh religion the enlightenment is left to the grace of the God. This is another big blow to the ego of even spiritually oriented person. One can not assume that I am doing good deeds I should get it. The baptized Sikhs are supposed to keep unshorn hairs and cover them up with turbans (for men), also signifying the submission to the will of the God.

3. Remembrance of God in meditation 'Naam Japana' (Simran) continuous remembrance of God. One can achieve this by meditating on name of God, chanting God's name, prayers, reading and contemplating holy scriptures etc. The holy book of the Sikhs is called 'Guru Granth Sahib' which contains praises of God written by enlightened persons of other faiths like Hindu, Muslim and along with the Sikh Gurus. The god is called 'Waheguru'.
How can we remember God at all the times and still carry along with our daily activities? Let's take the example of a 7-8 months pregnant woman. She is conscious of her unborn child at all the times and still can handle her daily chores. This can be achieved in the state of being pregnant with the God and doing this infuses God's love in the soul. Yes be conscious of God, remember God, see God in everyone and everything and live life truthfully and in selfless service to others. That is how once can play the game of love.

If you desire to play the game of love with Me, get rid of your ego, become the dust of all feet, then step onto My path. (Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs)

I speak verily; hear me all – God is realized only through love. (Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs)